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  • Jaime
    09-12 03:57 PM
    Just like the the department of Homeland Security has USCIS to make sure that only very few highly-skilled immigrants get visas (thus causing the USRBD), they should also have the "Agency for USRBD" to counter the damage caused by USCIS. Don't let the RBD suck you in like it sucked Pablo in! Let's go make our voices heard in DC!!

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  • lc1978
    08-17 08:23 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    Pl guide me and let me know my options for the below scenario...

    1. Me: Applied under EB2 (India) and have I-140 approved in September 2006.
    Status as of now : Applied as dependent (secondary) on my spouse 485 and have EAD and AP since July 2007.

    2. My spouse : Primary applicant - EB3 (India), December 2003.

    As the dates are NOT moving forward for EB3 (India), I want to port our GC application dates from my spouse priority ( EB3- India - December 2003) to mine (EB2 - India - September 2006)

    My question is, Can I change my status from dependent (secondary ) on my spouse 485 to me being primary applicant by invoking my approved I-140 (EB2 - India - September 2006), If YES what would be the process.

    Thanks in advance

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  • crazyghoda
    06-04 11:17 AM
    I'd do the reverse. I am currently working on EAD so I dont want any issues with being without an EAD for even a day. I'd apply exactly at the 120 day mark. Even if I lose some valdity, its ok.
    As far as AP is concerned, I dont mind if it comes a bit later or even after the previous one has expired.

    3-4 days. These days they are fast on approvals. Best thing is to apply AP within 120 days range and apply EAD when 100 days away from expiry. Atleast you will get 2 years EAD and dont need to pay again.

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  • perm2gc
    09-13 01:22 PM
    If we do premium process, does this increase the change of rejection?


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  • grimreaper
    07-23 12:40 PM
    I'm wondering if criminal charges that never lead to a conviction (3 charges in total) can cause a green card holder to get deported? Also, when a person applies to renew a green card after it expired will another FBI fingerprint check be done?

    Thanks for the help.

    If you were never convicted, you should not have any problems. Because remember, you are innocent until proven guilty ( which means conviction) and being charged is not an offense by itself. You might face some problems at POE because your finger prints might show up due to arrest record, but if you have court documents showing you were acquited or police documents showing that your charges were dropped, you should be OK.

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  • gsc999
    07-31 11:09 PM

    I have already posted this news on News thread -3:

    Please don't open new threads for news stories that are already posted elsewhere on the forum.


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  • sundeep14
    07-14 04:56 PM
    Thanks for quick worry is that USCIS should not put my 485 case in storage just thinkin that my 140 is not approved...though i have the approval in hand they have the online status as processin..i wonder how they follow procedure while approvin case...

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  • raja_san
    05-10 11:24 AM

    My 6 years of H1B visa expires on Feb 2012. Can I transfer to H4 Dependant Visa on my wife's H1b Visa or F1 Visa for one year and after one year re-apply for a fresh H1B visa? or I have to go outside USA for one year and then Apply for fresh H1B Visa.




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  • ckpas
    10-03 12:17 PM
    thanks a lot for your reply.

    My employer looked at DOL website and found the status is in-process.

    Another question : when you say back to normal process, what do you mean ?
    I found that the "Govt error appeal cases" are processed as current, standard appeal have a backlog of aug 2007. My employer said mine wouldn't fall under any of these two conditions. He is confident that the CO just will certify anytime soon. Is this the case ?

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  • navdeep.mahajan
    03-08 10:37 PM
    Thanks for your wishes


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  • GoneSouth
    07-27 10:39 AM
    Thought folks might find the following interesting.

    I recently returned from a visit to Canada where I stayed with my brother-in-law, who owns a small but very successful web development shop. He told me that due to the booming Canadian economy, he can no longer find experienced programmers at reasonable bill rates. So he's been doing some outsourcing to get cheap foreign labor ... hiring American programmers !

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-04 04:55 PM
    Not sure about specific places, but in general problems are when you are coming back to US.
    If you have stamped and valid h1b for returning back to US, you should be fine.

    I have not had any issue or heard of any issues while visiting mexico, hawaii or alaska

    Hawaii and Alaska are states that are part of US and you are free to travel anywhere in the 50 states of US without the need to show Visa or travel Document. However its not the same with Mexico. Its a different country.


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  • mjdup
    08-25 10:34 AM
    I've an appointment in October at Munich, Germany consulate for H1B stamping. Because of time constraints I decided to get the stamping done when I'm out there for work. I've already obtained the german visa (though had to provide plenty of explanation !). This is my 9th yr extn (MS, EB2 - 140 approved)

    - Can anyone share their experience at the Munich consulate?
    - or, should I plan going to Canada and trying rather taking the risk in Germany?


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  • thankgod
    05-13 09:39 AM
    I am in the same boat, so can we use PD and I-140 from employer A even through my employment and H1B are not with Employer for a few months?

    Green card application sis always for future employment.

    Happily you can use your 140 and Priority date. No problem.Everything is under control.


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  • Templarian
    01-11 08:18 PM
    C# and .NET is probably the most common method since it's development environment is pretty simple. Kirupa can explain it a lot better.

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  • FinalGC
    02-24 09:08 AM
    My wife is studying for Nursing and hence I know the anser. Either General Nursing or BSN will allow you to give the RN exam. However, before that have your crendtials evaluated by, so that an US equivalency is established. Based on that you can apply for the RN exam.

    General Nursing is equivalent to an Associate in Nursing. For future promitions, BSN is better.


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  • tradahoo
    09-04 08:10 PM

    Anyone knows about filing for PERM on the 6th year of H1B? Will it still eligible for H1B extension?

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  • isantem
    06-29 03:12 PM
    Divyendu Sinha was beaten to death while he was out on a walk with his family near his
    home in South New Jersey. He holds a PhD and was a professor and author of computer
    Science books.

    Old Bridge man who was attacked by teenagers dies from injuries | (

    Three teenagers arrested in beating of Old Bridge man | (

    This is SAD, but what have to do with "Imigration Voice Issues and Congressional updates"? >

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  • loudobbs
    08-28 12:56 PM
    sure...attend the Immigration Rally!!

    what to do after attending the rally?:D

    10-21 10:03 PM
    Hate to be negative or a spoilsport. I am just as proud of this as any other Indian. But, is it too much to ask for, to have at least ONE of the three links on the page working? Is it too much to expect to have the video move beyond "buffering".

    I know there probably isn't any link between this and a moon mission, but one would expect the page to look a bit decent and for something on that page to work. I really hope the people who built that page had nothing to do with the actual mission!

    07-29 08:09 AM
    Thanks so much noida123 for your reply. Really helps.
    Can you tell me how to get obtain a Special Waiver?are you working in Federal worksite?
    because i am in Federal worksite.

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