Audrina Patridge's Bikini Wallpaper

    Good girl Audrina Patridge has at least one thing in common with estranged Hills costar Heidi Montag: plastic surgery.

    Although the 25-year-old has publicly denied it, a pal confirms to Us Weekly that Patridge went under the knife -- and it was just the confidence boost that she needed.

    The aspiring actress "feels she has to be perfect to continue her career in TV and film," the pal continues. (After The Hills wraps later this year, Patridge hopes to launch her own reality TV show with producer Mark Burnett).

    Now, with noticeably larger breasts, "She think she has a banging body," a friend says. Adds another: "she's confident in her looks. I don't think she'll get more surgery."

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    The future Mrs. Flowmaster Flex

    Audrina Patridge, YO, WHAT UP BABE? LC was the reason I watched The Hills, but YOU were the reason I kept watching. Not to mention, you were the ONLY reason I saw Sorority Row and can't wait for Honey 2 to come out this summer. I even watched Dancing With The Stars with you, but it helped that America's favorite MILF, Bristol Palin, was on it.

    Ok, so here's the deal, I've already seen you naked, so that's out of the way. I mean, you got a dece body and I love your work ethic so how about you stop playing coy and send me a first-class ticket to LA so we can get married and stuff.

    Btws BOHO Army, peep her new show on VH1 on Sunday's. It's legit.

    That water cold?

    Like flannel? Cool, me too

    How'd you know green was my favorite color

    Are you vibing me right now?

    I'm diggin' that tat

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